Cookies Policy

What is cookies in terms of data?

Cookies are short strings of information (text files) regarding the user’s actions on the web Site, stored on the user’s device (PC, smartphone or tablet) the first time the user visits the Site. These cookies are sent back to the same sites the next time the user returns, enabling our Site to automatically recognise the user (or other users who use the same device) after the first time, to improve the user experience.

The way they work depends entirely on the browser used and can be enabled and disabled by the user.

To ensure that users have the best browsing experience, our Site offers the best performances when cookies are enabled. The default setting of nearly all web browsers is to automatically accept cookies.

Cookies can be:

  • “first-party” cookies when they are managed directly by the website administrator
  • “third-party” cookies when set and managed by persons who are extraneous to the website visited by the user.

The third-party site administrator is responsible for third-party cookies and the administrator of the first-party site is only acting as a technical intermediary as far as their installation is concerned.


Our Site uses or can use the following types of cookies, even combined with each other:

  • Permanent or “persistent” cookies: these cookies are saved on the device even after leaving the web Site or after closing the browser: they remain until their expiry or until they are deleted manually by the user. Persistent cookies provide many functionalities that ease browsing (such as saving passwords), and in some cases they are used for advertising purposes.
  • Session or temporary cookies: These only last for the visit and are deleted when the browser is closed, ending the connection session to the web Site. Normally they enable the user to access personalised services and to take full advantage of the site’s functionalities, so they do not have to use other IT technologies which may compromise users’ privacy during browsing
  • Technical-functional cookies, for example for sending session IDs necessary for enabling secure and efficient browsing of the site. These cookies make it unnecessary to use other IT technologies which may potentially compromise users’ privacy during browsing.

According to law for using technical cookies the data subject must be provided a notice, like this notice even without putting up any banners on the Site.

On the other hand, for all non-technical cookies before they can be installed users must give their consent in simplified forms provided by the Measure of 8 May 2014 of the Italian Data Protection Authority by publishing a brief banner the user sees the first time he or she lands on the Site and allows for generating an additional action for using the Site (based on “scrolling” or by continuing to browse the same page) with which the user can implicitly give his or her consent or alternatively click on an analytical cookie notice (i.e. this notice), and give or refuse his or her consent. The user cannot give his or her consent for individual cookies installed but rather for broader categories of cookies, or for certain producers and/or intermediaries the Site has established commercial relations with.

  • Analytical cookies : these cookies can be temporary or permanent, and allow for gathering and analysing statistical information related to accesses (e.g. geographic zone the user is located in, device used for the connection, age, etc.) in an aggregated or disaggregated manner and in general the behaviour of users of the Site and improving the experience and content supplied.

Such analytical cookies can be treated the same way as technical cookies only if set and used directly by the first-party site (without the intervention of a third party). For example, our Site uses log files (it records the chronology of operations as they are executed) and registry files (including IP addresses, type of browser, operating system used by the user’s device, Internet service provider (ISP), date, time, landing and exit page and number of clicks, as well as the pages visited, and third-party sites the user came from). All this is for analysing the habits of users and managing and improving the site. The information collected in this manner is not personalised as data are collected and analysed anonymously.

On the other hand, if analytical cookies are set and/or used by third parties (not by the first-party site owner), they are treated like technical cookies and legally are treated in a different manner.

  • Profiling (or advertising) cookies (always permanent). These are used for obtaining useful information which may or not be aggregated for evaluating use of the web site and activities of visitors (decision to view certain pages, certain products and/or services, etc.), used by the owner for wording targeted advertisements of products and services based on the user’s previous activities (instead of ordinary ones offered to everybody).


The above premise does not automatically imply that this web Site currently uses all of the above categories of cookies. The list of cookies that are actually used by NHK HELMET can be view at the following link.

This Site also uses Google Analytics cookies (software of Google Inc., third-party American company). No personal data are collected by Google Analytics, but only data on age, gender, preferences and interest of our visitors only in an aggregated statistical form (for better assessing use of our website and activities visitors engage in and for better addressing the services supplied). These cookies are stored on a server in the United States or in other countries. Google reserves the right to transfer the information collected with its cookies to third parties if required by law or when the third party processes information on its behalf.

The Analytics functionality is natively configured so as to hide a significant portion of the IP address of the user/visitor, and so data related to the IP address are already anonymous from the source and the analytical cookie does not allow for knowing the identity of the user/visitor, not even indirectly or through further processing. For this reason since NHK Helmet acts as Site administrator from time to time, in accordance with law it is not required to fulfil the obligations provided by legislation on cookies (e.g. notify the Data Protection Authority on the treatment of cookies).

Named cookies for profiling are not used on this Site, i.e. based on personal details.

Out Site uses remarketing lists and classified ads of the Google Display network, meaning on-line advertisements based on general categories of interest expressed by categories of users gathered from browsing history.

That said, our Site uses the special advertising functions of Google Analytics, which activate supplementary functionalities unavailable through standard implementation of Google Analytics and relevant cookies.

These advertising functionalities allow for gathering traffic data (via cookies for the Google ad and anonymous identifying elements) as well as data normally collected by us before via standard implementation of Google Analytics. The following are Google Analytics advertising functions:

  • Remarketing with Google Analytics
  • Reports on impressions of the Google Display Network (if used through AdWords)
  • Integration with the DoubleClick platform
  • Reports on demographic data and on interest of Google Analytics
  • Social network cookies: these cookies are third-party cookies, i.e. supplied directly by the domains of the most commonly-used social networks linked to our Site via links to official pages, content sharing buttons and links. Use of these buttons and functionalities imply sharing information (e.g. texts, pictures, videos, etc.) with these sites.

Management of the information and the way in which to delete these social network cookies are regulated by social network sites: we suggest that you read the privacy notice of each one at the following links:

These cookies are only used anonymously. Personal information is not collected unless the user provides it by submitting contact forms or request for information forms.

Additional information on privacy and use of social network cookies can be found on the sites of their respective third-party administrators.


You have the right to accept or refuse cookies.

On account of the default setting of browsers cookies originating from our Site and the sites of third parties are generally accepted. To allow our Site to work properly, to make the most of functionalities and obtain full use of it, we advise you to accept our cookies.

The user is however in a position to change the default setting at any time. To change the way cookies work and to restrict or block them, all the user has to do is change the settings of his or her Internet browser by acting on the tool bar. It is possible to choose unconditional acceptance of all cookies (in particular by browsing our Site after the cookie notice banner appears on the screen at our website, you are implicitly consenting to the use of cookies), refusing all cookies, or display of popup windows (notice) every time a cookie is proposed, so as to assess whether or not to accept it through an explicit action.

Below are some links for configuration of the most commonly-used browsers with description of how to handle cookies:

To change cookie settings on other browsers, please see the help section of the documentation provided by the browser producer.

In addition, the user may choose to disable the action of Google Analytics by downloading and installing in his or her browser an opt-out component supplied by Google for its browsers at this link:

Remember that you have to set cookie preferences on every device and every browser used for browsing the Internet.

For additional information about Google Analytics, here is the link for reading the privacy policy:

Users can disable DoubleClick cookies by going to disable DoubleClick page or the disable Network Advertising Initiative page.

To delete cookies from the Internet browser on your smartphone or tablet, see the user manual of the device.