NHK helmet
rider's replica

NHK Helmet Rider's Replica

NHK GP R Tech is our model that is widely used throughout several championships all over the world. This advanced helmets comes with the new racing inner lining system for maximum noise reduction, cool feeling and optimal comfort. Furthermore, the helmet has an “Aero Flow” dynamics system for a no – turbulence experience. NHK GP R Tech helmet has been tested in all various Moto GP Circuit with all kinds of riding conditions and weathers that commonly occurred.

Now NHK GP R Tech is ready in the version of Rider’s Replica helmet for riders all around the world. This NHK Helmet Rider’s Replica is available in 2 different shell material. The first Premium one is made from Advance Fiberglass Reinforced Composite for Racing – NHK GP R Tech-Race. And another one is made of Thermopolymer Shell – NHK GP R Tech-Street (which CAN NOT BE USE FOR RACING TRACK).

So, riders, choose one today, for race on track or to stroll the road with the street edition.



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