Rp 185.000


This Pinlock product itself is one of the helmet glass coating lenses that can dispel air mist on your visor. This lens is very suitable for driving both during the day and at night. Pinlock lenses are the best solution for those of you who want to feel comfortable driving without air fog disturbance. So that it can maximize the viewing conditions on your trip. When driving on a motorbike, the safety of the bikers is the most important thing, if the view is obstructed by air fog it will be very dangerous, especially when driving in foggy upland areas.


Pinlock itself has been around for more than 20 years, and Pinlock products have been used by more than 100 million bikers around the world. Pinlock is here to enhance the safety and comfort features of your helmet.


Pinlock itself was created with Anti Fog technology (Anti air fog). The term is called Triple Visor Technology, where there are 3 layers of safety glass on your helmet, namely clear outer glass, inner glass (sun visor), and Pinlock (anti fog coating lens).


The Pinlock lens itself is designed with Moto GP technology which has been confirmed safe for use by International Moto GP racers and Indonesian National Racers.


Pinlock® lenses are made of a plastic material that can absorb fog / fog. Designed with hydrophilic technology that can absorb air mist. The silicone seal on the Pinlock® lens creates an air pocket between the Pinlock® lens and your visor. The pin on which the Pinlock® lens will be attached has a very unique shape, and the pin axis is not right in the center. This allows you to increase or decrease the tension on the Pinlock® lens by rotating the pin, which allows the silicone seal to adhere perfectly.



The products on the website are currently for Indonesian market. Please contact your local distributor for the available NHK Helmet products in your country.
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